Here’s Why Every Small Business Needs A Great Website Design

Do you ever wonder why small business website design seems to be behind the times? As the Internet landscape evolves, good website design has become a key factor for all businesses, from startups and small businesses to brands and large websites. Large businesses boast iconic images, and initially, unknown brands are skyrocketing to worldwide recognition, while startups and small businesses are having trouble competing.

At the bottom of the pack are small businesses, spending their money on low-value advertising instead of cultivating a solid brand and investing in a strong online presence through their websites and social media profiles.

Good website design is no longer an option for small businesses that want to be noticed. Let’s discuss why.

First Impressions Are The Most Important

Everyone hears this anecdote at least once in life. While it originally pertained to face-to-face meetings, it now encompasses every interaction.

Step back and take a look at your branding. Does it intrigue you? Is it indicative of what the business is or stands for? Would you want to know more about it simply by coming across the website or viewing the logo?

The answer should be a resounding yes.

Make sure your branding presence, website design, advertising, and anything else representing your business is well designed. If the design is not aesthetically pleasing, you risk losing a customer simply based on appearance.

It is imperative to grab the viewer’s attention immediately. Ill-fitting colors, bad fonts, difficult navigation, or unsightly products are no longer excuses. Cutting costs when it comes to your business’s presentation is not wise, and earning a good reputation will be more difficult.

Good Website Design Builds Trust

When you come across a beautiful website, a pleasing advertisement, or a clean logo, how does it make you feel? Most likely, it impresses you, and for some reason, you instantly believe it must be a reputable brand without knowing much about the business or product.

Where does this impartial trust come from? Who knows? But it’s something you want to harness as a small business owner. It is important that your consumers experience an emotional attachment to your brand. They should want to share it with their friends or find out more about it on their own.

A well-designed and orchestrated branding presence communicates dedication and trustworthiness to the consumer; it says, “We understand an investment in ourselves is also an investment in our customers.”

Similarly, customers will feel appreciated if your website is aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate, and clearly contains information.

Contemplate Apple for a moment. The iPod and iPhone are not the only products available with MP3 and touchscreen capabilities, but they continually dominate due to their clean, straightforward product design. Apply built a foundation of trust with its Macintosh clients but innovated through the power of excellent design.

Good Design Is Everywhere

Solid design is taking over the world as we know it. Even toilet paper and cleaning product companies are going out of their way to finesse the packaging and revamp their image. No one can sidestep good design.

This translates to an emergency level of awareness for the small business owner. Your out-of-date website, old, flimsy logo, or poorly designed paraphernalia associated with your business are no longer acceptable. Whether they are price tags, packaging, websites, or uniforms, everything about your business must be designed with intention.

It is a key ingredient in building a loyal base of customers and establishing yourself in a world consuming itself with pleasing exteriors.

If you do not prioritize good design for your business, you will eventually pay the price. Design is not to be pushed aside.

Good Web Design Impacts Search Results

In regards to an online presence, bypassing design can have drastic effects on who finds your business. Good design can elevate your position in the search results and add potential leads.

  • Slow page speeds are dangerous in Google’s eyes and will quickly send the viewer to another page.
  • Content placement below the fold is not wise, and too much advertising above the fold can disrupt search results.
  • Internal linking can become problematic if it’s unnecessary.

Shows Respect For Your Clients And Customers

How many times have you looked for the Contact Us tab on a website and been unable to locate it? How did it make you feel? Were you irritated or frustrated?

Although good design is imperative to every brand’s image in today’s economy, the first goal should be to make yourself open and available to your customers.

Business services should be simple to understand, the mission readily available, and websites easy to navigate. The number one goal is to make it easy for your customer, and design makes this goal attainable.

Smart design is not just for big brands; it is an indispensable step for small businesses and startups that want to compete in the world market and grab consumers’ attention.