Sports and Recreation Video Services

For sports teams, athletic leagues, fitness and wellness centers, recreational facilities, outdoor adventure brands, and any organization looking to showcase sports and recreational activities.

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Content creation is not always about producing more content, but creating more value with the content you produce.

The Sports and Recreation Package is meticulously designed for sports teams, fitness centers, recreational facilities, and sports brands seeking to promote their activities, events, and brand through dynamic and engaging video content. This package aims to capture the energy, passion, and competitive spirit of sports and recreation, highlighting athlete achievements, fitness programs, sporting events, and the benefits of an active lifestyle.

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Included In The Package

Below are the strategies and assets included in the package.

  • Videos: 2 high-energy sports and recreation videos per month, each 1-2 minutes long, focusing on athlete profiles, event highlights, fitness programs, or promotional content for facilities and activities.
  • Content Strategy Session: Initial and monthly strategy meetings to plan video content aligned with seasonal sports calendars, marketing goals, and audience engagement strategies.
  • Event Coverage Planning: Coordination and planning for covering specific events or activities, ensuring key moments and achievements are captured.
  • Production: On-location filming with professional equipment to capture dynamic action shots, athlete interviews, and the vibrant atmosphere of sports and recreational activities.
  • Post-Production: Fast-paced editing to create engaging and motivational content, including color grading, sound design to enhance the energetic feel, motion graphics for athlete names, stats, or event information, and licensed background music that complements the sports theme.
  • Athlete and Talent Coordination: Assistance with coordinating athletes, coaches, and other key figures for interviews or featured content, ensuring a diverse representation of disciplines and achievements.
  • Social Media Optimization: Formatting and optimizing the final videos for various platforms, including creating shorter edits or teaser clips for social media stories or posts.
  • Performance Review and Analytics: Monthly review of video performance, engagement metrics, and audience feedback to refine future content strategies and maximize impact.
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Optional Add-Ons (For Additional Fees)

  • Additional Videos: For clients requiring more than 2 videos per month, priced at $1,250 – $2,500 per additional video, depending on the complexity and production requirements.
  • Extended Event Coverage: Additional days of filming for tournaments, meets, or special events, priced at $2,000 – $4,000 per day.
  • Advanced Motion Graphics and Animation: For complex animations or visual effects that highlight sports techniques, plays, or fitness movements, starting at $600 per video.
  • Behind-the-Scenes Content: Production of behind-the-scenes videos or training day in the life features, priced at $1,500 – $3,000 per video.
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