Monthly Vlog Services

For businesses seeking to humanize their brand, influencers looking to maintain engagement, and any individual or organization aiming to share regular updates, insights, or behind-the-scenes content with their audience.

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Content creation is not always about producing more content, but creating more value with the content you produce.

The Monthly Vlog Package is crafted for businesses, influencers, or public figures aiming to maintain a consistent and engaging presence on social media or their websites through regular vlog content. Vlogs are an excellent way to connect personally with the audience, share insights, behind-the-scenes looks, updates, and build a community around the brand or individual.

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Included In The Package

Below are the strategies and assets included in the package.

  • Videos: 2 vlogs per month, each 5 minutes in length, tailored to the client’s content strategy and audience.
  • Content Strategy Session: Initial consultation to define the vlog’s themes, objectives, and content calendar.
  • Pre-Production: Assistance with storyboarding or outlining each vlog to ensure a coherent narrative and engagement. Coordination on topics, shooting locations, and any special activities or events to be featured.
  • Production: On-location shooting with professional audio and lighting to ensure high-quality visuals and sound. This includes capturing candid moments, interviews, or any specific activities relevant to the vlog’s theme.
  • Post-Production: Editing to craft a compelling and engaging narrative, including the addition of music, titles, and basic motion graphics.
  • Optimization: Formatting the final vlogs for optimal viewing on various platforms, including YouTube, Instagram, and the client’s website.
  • Analytics and Reporting: Monthly reports on vlog performance, including views, engagement metrics, and recommendations for content optimization.
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Optional Add-Ons (For Additional Fees)

  • Additional Vlogs: For clients requiring more than 4 vlogs per month, priced at $750 – $1,500 per additional vlog, depending on length and complexity.
  • Advanced Motion Graphics or Animation: For more sophisticated visual effects, starting at $500 per vlog.
  • Professional Voiceover: Incorporation of professional voiceover work, if needed, priced at $250 – $500 per video.
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